Privacy Policy
Haze Apps

01. Authentication

HazeApps provide various authentication methods for users, including direct E-mail sign-in, Google sign-in & Facebook sign-in. All these authentications handle with the Google Firebase Authentication system and it securely proceeds without any manual/human access.

  1. Who is requesting user data?
  2. Your profile information is requested by the App/project which is handled by the Google Firebase Authentication system.

  3. What data are we requesting?
  4. We request only your basic user profile information. Which are,

  5. Why are we requesting user data/ purpose?
  6. The app will need to authenticate and identify you before accessing specific features within the app. So before accessing those content we need to identify you with authentication/log-in as the security feature.

  7. How the data store & process ?
  8. Your requested user profile data not be stored in any manual database or storage which belongs to HazeApps. It links with google firebase and that data is processed with only google firebase.

    Also, we do have administrative software developed with firebase SDK. There we can see your profile information (as mentioned above in 01. a). It is required to identify your account and check your subscription data to give you customer service when it is needed. To see how google firebase is processing your data please see the Authentication section under their privacy policies. (

  9. Deleting user data / disconnecting with the provider
  10. There are no data stored to delete which is collected from Google or Facebook authentication. But users can remove access to the app by their Google or Facebook account settings.
    They can follow the following steps to remove access from the app. Then the app can not access any data from their user account.
    For Google users, (see remove third-party account access section)
    For Facebook users,
    Users can also contact the developer via the given customer care contact details and request the removal of the connection.

02. Advertising

All advertising visible on apps are handled by the Google Admob platform. We only give a space on the app. The Ad unit is provided by Google AdMob. Advertising data, advertising ID (if any) are handled by google themself. HazeApps do not collect any information about advertising except the app will log your ad impression and ad click events.

03. Payment System

The Apps use two payment systems. Google Play and Pay Here. Both are approved payment gateway providers and the app is implemented following their given guidelines and rules.
None of your payment details will be stored in any database/storage related to HazeApps and the payment process is completely handled by each payment system individually in their secure way. Users can make secured and verified payments through these systems then the payment receipt will be sent to their email for every successful payment. Users always can contact the developer and request any clarification or report any issue.

03.1 Refund Policy

No Refunds. If you got and trouble during the payment, you can always contact for the help using the given contact information. There will be refunds, only if any applicable situations which is decided by the developer.

04. App usage statistics

The app will be connected with Firebase Analytics (Google Analytics) and Facebook SDK. They will connect usage matrics such as opened pages, ad impressions, ad clicks, feature access events. Also, crash reports collected by Firebase Crashlytics and Google Play Store. These statistics data will not be shared with any third parties and only be used to improve the app quality and fix bugs and issues.

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Updated : 24th OCT 2021.